Sewer Line Cleaning through Sewer Desilting and High Pressure Jetting

Keeping clear of silt

Desilting and cleansing is the way to keep Manholes, sewers, pipes& drains in good repair and functioning properly. This is particularly important because it reduces the risk of flooding  which can be dangerous.

What is silt, and what can be done to avoid its build up?

Silt is the heavier matter that sinks and collects at the bottom of a sewer pipe. If not extracted regularly, it will solidify into a rock-like substance, partially blocking the pipe and reducing the flow capacity of the system. With extreme rainfall fairly commonplace these days, regular sewer desilting is vital if you want to avoid localized flooding on your premises.

What does sewer desilting entail?

High pressure water jets are used to break up the silt and force it to the next downstream manhole, along with any other debris. From there, the matter is vacuumed out into the jet vacuumation tanker & what is left behind is taken out using Desilting Machine before being disposed of responsibly. With our advanced equipment, desilting is a fairly simple procedure, so we make it easy for customers to follow their environmental management obligations.

How qualified are we to do it?

With our knowledge, experience and leading edge technology, we make short work of clearing and cleansing sewers, culverts, pipes and drains too. We are happy to respond to one-off call-outs, or work out a competitively priced pre-planned maintenance (PPM) contract for our commercial customers. Get in touch for your free PPM quotation: it means we will desilt your sewers automatically at agreed intervals leaving you free to get on with other stuff.
If you have a problem with your drain or sewer and need an expert solution, call us  or use our online enquiry form.

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